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Selaksa’s IP that aims to educate netizens with engaging stories and valuable digital insights. This initiative blends entertainment with education, weaving diverse personalities into compelling narratives that resonate with today’s digital audience.
The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, in collaboration with Selaksa, initiated ACE-YS. Selaksa is in charge of the whole program development from topic research, finding speakers and partners, to marketing communication.
Selaksa collaborated with Apiary Academy to create podcast content covering topics related to product management, the role of a product manager in a startup, and technology.
Selaksa ensured the G20 Digital Innovation Network resonated with the global audience through a fresh branding strategy from design, social media content, and website.
Inspired by the philosophy of the sun, Selaksa crafted captivating narrations and illustrations for the LPDP Annual Report 2022, themed "Enlivening Indonesia, Advancing the Nation."
Selaksa offers a structured and effective talent development solution designed to enhance our partners' teams' capabilities.
Selaksa was entrusted by the Directorate General of Aptika to create three HUB.ID design reports: the 2021-2022 Hub.ID Accelerator, Hub.ID Ecosystem Report, and 2022-2023 Summit Report.
The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology aims to enhance public awareness of its 2020-2024 Strategic Plan through engaging video content. By illustrating the positive impacts of internet usage via the relatable Ad Family, the ministry hopes to inspire public support for Indonesia's digital advancement.
Selaksa emphasizes the critical role of data visualization in making complex findings clear and actionable, while engaging stakeholders and supporting ongoing research efforts in the Asian Development Bank's study on energy storage.
E.round the World is a project of the first solo ride of an electric motorcycle round the world. Selaksa builds its branding and digital communication through website and social media, to raise awareness and make people more confident in using e-motorcycles.
To improve public awareness and communication of its initiatives, we propose a comprehensive social media strategy and brand development for the Directorate of Digital Economy (Ekodig).
Selaksa is entrusted with designing the VID Book, featuring illustration and clear data visualization. The VID Book explains a comprehensive roadmap for Indonesia’s digital future, outlining the vision, mission, and detailed strategies for the national digital development policy.
RUNSystem enlisted Selaksa's assistance in crafting brand new company decks for its top software products, RUNSystem (enterprise resource planning (ERP)) and eCampuz (campus and student lifecycle management). The decks are tailored for two distinct events: a General Meeting of Stakeholders (GMS) and an industrial expo in Hannover, Germany.
The Digital Literacy team has entrusted Selaksa to create learning content for inclusion in the Digital Literacy Application. The contents cover the four pillars of digital literacy: Digital Skills, Digital Safety, Digital Culture, and Digital Ethics.
The Encyclopedia of 1000 Digital Startups captures Indonesia's digital startup ecosystem, documenting milestones and stories to serve as a valuable reference for academics, media, and government stakeholders.
Offering inclusive learning in Hipster, Hacker, and Hustler roles for startup, Selaksa through Sekolah Beta provides both online classes via YouTube and intensive face-to-face sessions, ensuring future digital talents are equipped with industry-relevant skills.
Selaksa supports the Ministry of Communication and Information's National Movement of 1000 Startup Digital by providing practical knowledge and networking opportunities for early-stage founders through digital communication channels.

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